Pehlu Khan incidents

The Pehlu Khan incident which garnered intense response after it’s unfortunate happening has it’s ensuing effects still lingering in the state.

A crowd of 200 people gathered to demand justice for the 55-year-old dairy farmer Pehlu Khan who was beaten to death on April 1 at Behror, Alwar, while transporting animals. A mob of Gau-rakshaks killed him in the name of killing cow-slaughterers. However, it was later found that Khan was a legitimate cow-transporter and was ferrying cattle legally. Pehlu was ferrying cattle from Jaipur to Haryana.

On Monday, the protestors demanded that a Dharna will be held from April 24 to 26 near Vidhan Sabha to demonstrate their support for Pehlu Khan and his family.

Notably, a social activist Swami Agnivesh rightly said that terror was being spread in the name of gau raksha (cow protection) in the country. Indeed! After this incident of Pehlu Khan and Yogi Adityanath taking office, Gau Rakshaks became a hot topic. Illegal Cow-slaughter houses were shunned by government amidst various other dreadful decisions. After the incident, even big cattle transporters ceased their operational activity due to the fear of any casuality.

“There crimes should be treated as terrorist strikes,” he said, adding that provisions of the law that pertain to terrorism should be applied. If the government was sincere in its attempts to save cows, it must buy cow dung and urine of cows for use in organic farming. He assured Pehlu Khan’s family of his continued support.

These people also named a few culprits who were responsible for Khan’s death. They said that Pehlu had spelled out six names of the culprits. Hukam Chand, Jagmal, Omprakash, Sudhir, Rahul Saini, Navin Saini were the ones responsible for Pehlu’s death, said the protestors. Reportedly, there were a few unnamed culprits too who will have a tough time with the Rajashtan police which is on it’s toes to punish the offenders.


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