Development-local issues missing from Rajasthan, combat PM Modi VS CM Ashok Gehlot


There is Few Days left in the polling. On one hand, Vaibhav Gehlot, son of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot On the other hand, BJP’s Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, who has won a huge margin of 4 lakh 10 thousand votes in the last election, Here the threats of Modi and Air strikes were heard, and somehow Ashok Gehlot’s popularity was dominated. Here, more than the two candidates, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and CM Ashok Gehlot appear to be competing.

Sardarpura: One Mohit Bhati said in three youths sitting on the bench in Chanpura, Mandore area of ​​Sardarpura assembly area of ​​Ashok Gehlot, – Four months ago, Vaibhav’s father had voted. At the same time, vote will be given to Modi only. Modi has killed Pakistan in his house. Tractor Parts businessman Mohansinh Solanki says- Gehlot has done so much work for Jodhpur in the last 30 years, even then, Vaibhav is hopeful that he will go to Delhi and do great work for Jodhpur.

Pokhran: The councilor Narayan Das Ranga, sitting at a shop in Gandhi Chowk, says- The BJP has never heard of the demand for bringing the Pokan railway station away from the city closer.

Jodhpur City: Sunil Bohra, who runs General Store in Bohar, says, here, Gehlot is the most suitable, therefore Vapi Gehlot has formed a group to vote.

Irony: Chowpole is found in a stove near Ironclad. Army Shravan Jats stationed in Jammu and Kashmir are on leave. Says – Now we do not have to be afraid of duty. Taws of hearing have also been in the army. It is said that we have got benefits such as one rank-one pension. Takhtsingh, a former soldier from Shergarh, who is sitting in Chaupal on Basassar’s bus stand also says – retired, then Rs 2500 There was salari, now Rs 29500 There is a pension.

Mandla and Jalandora: Taxi driver Omar Khan, who is on the Jodhpur-Jaisalmer border, is a taxi driver, but Modi will do the same, but we will give the vote to the Congress. On the other hand, Isle Khan of Jallaara village declared a clear declaration- Even if hungry, vote will be given to Congress only.

Sussagar : Dharmendra Bohra, a computer businessman living in Brahmapuri, is the Congress’s traditional voter. But they want to vote for Modi this time.

Phalodi: The 65-year-old Jawaharlal Joshi says – This election is for the country and Modi is the better choice for the country.

Preparation of victory … CM has 4 visits in last 20 days

  • Here the reputation of CM Gahlot is at stake. In this way, they have made four visits in the last 20 days. Nomination rally included 10 ministers and big leaders of the organization.
  • In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP candidate Gajendra Singh Shekhawat got more than 35 thousand votes from Congress candidate Chandresh Kumari with 48 thousand and Sardarpura. Shekhawat got more votes in all the 8 assembly constituencies.

The results of the last two Lok Sabha elections


Gajendra Singh won 4 lakh + votes

Gajendra Singh Shekhawat 7,13,515
Chandresh Kumari 3,03,464
Victory margin 4,10,051



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