Justin Bieber Coming to India

Justin Bieber’s Indian tour

International singer Justin Bieber’s India tour announcement has spiked much speculation about where all will the ‘Baby’ singer roam around in the country. Let us put all speculations at rest and catch a glimpse of Bieber’s schedule; well the audiences are lucky to listen him live.

Justin’s first ever concert in India will be held in Mumbai on May 10. The Canadian singer has spared a few days before the concert for leisure and recreation, so to say. The singer will arrive in the country a few days before his Mumbai concert, when he would relish and indulge in Indian delicacies. Reports say that the singer will arrive in Mumbai and is inclined towards getting a taste of the Indian cuisine, dishes and its ethnicities.


On the consecutive day, a comprehensive trip has been organized for Bieber. He will roam around various locations of the city to gift a treat to his eyes. From Gateway Of India, Kala Ghoda, Mani Bhavan to other touristic places, Bieber will cover it all. The singer is highly interested in catching a glimpse of the beautiful Taj Mahal in Agra.

For two days after the concert, Bieber will visit Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. Needless to say, the singer will visit the Taj Mahal on his trip to Agra. Sure Bieber is hitting two birds with one stone. While stunning the audience with his charming voice, he will also savour a long vacation in India.

Delhi-based DJ Sartek, who has been roped in for one of the opening acts for the Canadian superstar. Sartek got highly ecstatic but he couldn’t sink in the news which was delivered to him on call. “The phone almost fell from my hand,” he says, “I was a bit nervous at first as I’ll be playing before such a huge audience but then excitement levels overpowered the nervousness! It is definitely a big opportunity and I’m looking forward to make the most of it.”

On being asked to divulge some details  about his performance, he said, “I won’t be playing any JB remixes as the audience there will be specially waiting for Justin to sing those songs, thus keep the exclusivity of his tracks to himself.”


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