8-year-old Deepika was an orphan living in Mandai village. Following the unfortunate death of her parents, she lived with her old and weak grandmother. Sadly, the granny was too old to raise her. Both the granny and the girl were facing various difficulties in their life. Deepika neither had parents, nor proper means to live a decent life until Friday. However, lady luck smiled on her and Deepika got a new father last week! Her father was no regular man, but a powerful district collector. From an orphan to a loved child, here’s how Deepika’s life changed overnight.

On Friday night, Jaisalmer district collector Kailash Chand Meena visited Mandai village. He stopped by the Atal Seva Kendra to hear the grievances of local villagers. At the night chaupal, he got emotional when he learned about Deepika. The villagers informed him of the poor girl’s plight. Moved by her struggles, the collector announced to adopt her. Meena publicly declared to bear all her living expenses (including education) till she attains adulthood. Elated by his announcements, the villagers appreciated him for this move.

The collector was listening to people’s grievances with Mandai Sarpanch Kamal Singh, when he inquired if there was a helpless girl in the village. One of the villagers mentioned Deepika, the daughter of late Deenaram. Deepika’s mother died at an early age whereas her father passed away three weeks back. After listening to her tragic story, the collector decided to bear her expenses.


Following this announcement, Meena encouraged the villagers to promote PM Modi’s ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ yojana. To spread the message, he advised them to celebrate the birth of their daughters by planting 10 saplings of the ‘Neem’ tree in their surroundings. To strengthen the ‘Green Jaisalmer’ campaign, he requested each household to plant a tree outside their house. The kids and the women were asked to take care of the plants. If the villagers meet this target before July 10, the collector will revisit the place.

He talked to the villagers and took their feedbacks on the power supply, clean drinking water supply and other services. After listening to their problems, Meena directed the electricity officers to issue a power connection to the Sanvtpaar middle school by July 10. In the second phase of Deendayal Upadhyay Scheme, the collectorate will electrify all villages in the coming days. Meena approved new tube wells for the residents of Rawdi Chak.

In short, Jaisalmer district collector’s visit to Mandai transformed not just Deepika’s life, but also the lives of countless residents residing in the village.


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