Deepak Bajpayi

Kumar Vishwas, Aam Aadmi Party’s popular leader and poet was recently replaced by Deepak Bajpayi as its Rajasthan in-charge. The decision was made by the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) of AAP and the reason cited for this change is that Vishwas was not able to devote enough time to the party. The move is also going to determine the party’s performance as it’s gearing up to contest the Rajasthan assembly elections due by the end of this year.

The revelation was made by AAP’s national spokesperson Ashutosh on Wednesday in a press conference. Here he also stated that the party is going to contest the upcoming elections in the state with full force. He also revealed that Deepak Bajpayi is going to prepare the list of the candidates for the polls and the same would be finalized by the PAC.

Who is Deepak Bajpayi?

Deepak Bajpayi has worked as a journalist for 20 years and is said to be a close acquaintance of Manish Sisodia. As of now he is the national treasurer of the party who is responsible for managing the donation funds. Despite having a low work profile, the party members are believed to follow him and respect him because of his experience.

He himself claimed that he has been working at the ground level in Rajasthan from the last one and a half months. He also said that AAP has a clear vision about the forthcoming elections.

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Rift between AAP and Vishwas

It’s a known fact that Kumar Vishwas is often seen commenting on his own party’s leader and the friction between him and other leaders is quite apparent. Last month, when party President and Delhi CM along with other AAP members decided to apologize to Arun Jaitley, it was Kumar Vishwas who plainly refused to oblige.

However, the conflicts had emerged much before starting with the leader’s decision to skip the Iftaar party organised by the Delhi government. He also kept himself away from the campaigning in Punjab in 2017 and in Rajasthan this January. Moreover, he was also denied a seat in the Parliament in January.

How did Kumar Vishwas respond?

Although the party has very conveniently given the reason that Vishwas was not getting enough time to devote for the election work in Rajasthan, the leader himself refrained himself from commenting anything. However, he used his poetry to frame a few lines that might be seen as his response to the party’s decision.



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