India’s most lovable lioness, Tejika’s three cubs have been named beautifully in the order of Tara, Tripur & Tejas. The naming ceremony held today was spectacular as the discerning Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje bestowed the club trio with the most beautiful names.

As the name suggests, Tejika was a serious-minded, responsible, and stable lioness which was not a cookie-cutter but left her own imprint. Truly, the chosen names are as good to the mind as it is to the ears. Tara means a star, while Tripur means a scintillating juncture where Heaven, Earth, and Hell. Tejas, on the other hand, is the one who shines bright like a flame.

The grand celebration is totally worth it…

The Asiatic lioness littered three cubs at the Nahargarh Biological Park and the day was marked as a big celebratory event. It was after a long period of 29 years, that a lioness had given birth in Jaipur and that is why it was a massive cheer for all wildlife lovers.

It was a matter of big celebration when Tejika gave birth to three endearing cubs on May 20 this year. The lioness littered the first cub around 6 pm on Saturday, the second 9.30 pm and third around 12.30 am on the next day.

The birth of three cubs also aroused optimism around the introduction of lion safari around Nahargarh Biological Park.

After the birth, the doctors reported that the three cubs were absolutely healthy and their mother was behaving normally. The trio and the mother were shifted to a secluded area which was under 24*7 CCTV surveillance.

What’s special about Tejika – the lioness?

The forest department showed multiple documentaries to Tejika. The documentaries captured the wildlife in the forests of South Africa and Gir national park (Gujarat) while showcasing how lionesses behave around their cubs at these locations. Being a lion made no difference at all –Tejika watched these documentaries very attentively, a forest department had informed.

A marked departure from the usually seen, Tejika made love too.  From Junagarh in Gujarat, Tejika was shifted to the Jaipur zoo, where she developed comradeship with a lion named Siddhartha.


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