Home Minister Guland Chand Kataria

Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria alleged that Pehlu Khan was not innocent. He also substantiated his claim by supporting documents which proved that Pehlu khan was accused. Kataria refuted opposition party’s claim on Monday session, thereby engendering a strong war of words which followed in the session.

In the Rajasthan Assembly on Monday, opposition leader Rameshwar Dudi raised the matter of Khan’s death which ensued a trail of allegations from both the parties. Although Dudi was only slamming the Kataria with his harsh words, Kataria buttressed his point further with supporting documents which prove that Pehlu Khan had a criminal track record.

Kataria claimed that Pehlu Khan had three cases of cow smuggling already registered against him. In addition, he also clarified the fact that Khan was ferrying cattle without valid documents. Kataria alleged, “Anyone carrying cattle illegally is a smuggler. Khan did not have valid documents. He already had three cases of cow smuggling registered against him.”

Dudi, in retaliation, blamed the Bajrang Dal and VHP activists for lyching Khan at the Behror road. Due to the sudden upheaval in the session, the house was adjourned for one hour. The Deputy speaker Rao Rajendra Singh tried to pacify irked members who were creating a and assured that the government would take action against the accused.

On the happening of the tragic incident, Kataria was quoted as saying, “The cow protectors have done a good job by protecting cows from smuggling (sic). But they have violated the law by beating people brutally”

“You (the Opposition party) are always creating communal frenzy…. Cow smugglers are not Hindus or Muslims, but only criminals and law does not differentiate,” Kataia reflected on the dirty politicking which opposition banks on.

Pehlu Khan was killed at the age of 55 by cow vigilantes on April 1. Khan was commuting to Haryana after purchasing cattle from Ramgarh. He was accompanied by four other transporters who were also beaten up by vigilantes. The four recovered but Khan gave in and died after he was rushed to the hospital.


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