Congress Meeting after dholpur election

The much-awaited Dholpur election results are finally out! Raje-led BJP achieved historic victory in Dholpur bypolls by a landslide margin of 38,673 votes. With just 52,875 votes in hand, Congress candidate Banwari Lal Sharma stood nowhere near BJP candidate Shobha Rani Kushwah—a clear winner with 91,548 votes. Now that the Congress leaders have experienced a shameful defeat at the hands of BJP in Dholpur, here’s their next ‘big plan’ for 2018 Rajasthan state assembly elections.

  1. Rahul Gandhi will Go on an Extended Foreign Vacation to Clear his Head.

Rahul Gandhi After Dholpur Election 2017

India is full of dust, dirt and pollution that have clogged Rahul Gandhi’s thought process. Rahul baba is planning to undertake his next ‘big’ vacation, probably to clear his mind. A piece of pizza, a day at spa and a week-long holiday in Italy or Switzerland will give him the needed inspiration to plan ‘winning’ strategies for the upcoming 2018 Rajasthan state assembly elections.

  1. Gehlot-Pilot Tussle will Get a Shot in the Arm.

Ashok Gehlot After Dholpur Election 2017

The fissures within Congress run deep, with the party clearly divided between the senior and junior wings. While veteran leaders support Gehlot as their CM candidate, Rahul and his troop of followers are pitching Pilot for the top job. Both wings have launched Gehlot and Pilot for campaigning in Dholpur elections—the results of which are evident now.

The ongoing tussle between Gehlot and Pilot had a drastic effect on Dholpur election results, with none of the leaders ready to bear the responsibility of this shameful defeat. Both Pilot and Gehlot will try to pin this on one another, hoping to secure their positions within the party.

  1. The Congress High Command will Plan extravagant Dinners and Meetings for Self-Reflection.

Congress Meeting after dholpur election

A family that dines together, scams together and plans together, ultimately stays together”—is the basic mantra that Congress stands by. Dholpur election results will be followed by the party high command inviting all local leaders for a meeting, where they can formulate a ‘substantial’ action plan for 2018 Rajasthan elections. It’ll all come down to one thing—failure. Their elaborate plans will fall flat in their faces with Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje winning the election twice in a row.

  1. Congress will Blame EVMs, the Election Commission, BJP state Cabinet, Dholpur Public, the Weather, River Chambal and everything else in Rajasthan, except for their leaders.

Rahul Gandhi After Dholpur 2017 Election

Congress has an old relationship with rumors and accusations. Though they’ve just had a bitter taste of defeat in Dholpur, they’ll try to pin it on tampered EVMs, ‘corrupt’ BJP ministers, the ‘flickering’ minds of Dholpur public except their leaders.

So, that pretty much explains the aftermath of Dholpur bypoll results. Can’t say we didn’t expect this, as Congress is famous (rather infamous) for its ways! We just hope that the leaders take lessons from their loss and that BJP doesn’t get too overconfident of its victory. Rajasthan state assembly elections are going to be the next big political battle between the parties. The battle is tough, but the stars seem to favor BJP, at present. We can’t say who’s going to win 2018 elections. Until then, Rajasthan Congress seriously needs to ‘revise’ their action plan!


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