Congress Hindutva Strategy
Congress Hindutva Strategy

The preparations for Rajasthan Assembly Polls 2018 are in full swing. To win in the state, the political parties are launching their election campaigns. Talking about the BJP, CM Vasundhara Raje is continuously working on the development of the state and its people. In fact, her Rajasthan Gaurav Yatra is aimed at identifying the impact of state government welfare schemes on the life of people.

Talking about Congress, it is also making all-out efforts to win in the state. Congress party leaders have geared up their propaganda in the state. In fact, Congress party is employing the strategy of ‘Soft Hindutva’ for the upcoming elections. Know more.

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Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Jaipur

To launch the election campaign in Rajasthan, Congress president Rahul Gandhi will be coming to Jaipur and will address party leaders and workers who will gather from across the state. In fact, he will start the campaign in Rajasthan in line with Hindutva policy.

This strategy has supported Congress in Gujarat also. He will use the religious sentiments funda to win the hearts of people of the state.

Congress Hindutva Strategy
Congress Hindutva Strategy

During this slated visit, Rahul Gandhi will make a roadshow in Pinkcity.  In this one day tour to Jaipur, he will visit two extremely revered temples of the city namely Moti Dungri and Govind Dev Ji. This will help in showcasing a new image of the party which is called to be supporter of Muslims. This is a nice way of gaining support from Hindus.

His visit will also capture the trust of people who are ardent supporters of BJP. He may target the temples in walled city which were demolished due to work of Metro phase II and the smart city projects.

Congress Hindutva strategy

Gandhi family recently had done religious makeover and became supporter of Lord Shiva. In fact, Rahul Gandhi’s temple run for Gujarat elections in 2017 was a proof of the same. The Gandhi scion started representing Congress as Hindu party with tour of temples. Even Congress visited many temples before Karnataka polls which also resulted in party’s win in the state.

The party has transformed its decade old strategy for garnering votes. Undoubtedly, they have enjoyed the taste of success in Gujarat assembly elections and Karnataka assembly elections.  But, will it work for Rajasthan is a big question. Hence, it’s important to see the results of upcoming Rajasthan Assembly polls 2018.


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