The first day of collector SP conference in Jaipur kicked off with enthusiasm and energy today. Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje, who’s known to monitor the outcomes of government projects from time to time, grilled officers and cops on their tasks. ‘Sushasan’ was the main agenda in BJP’s electoral portfolio that paved way for Raje’s epic victory in 2013 Rajasthan assembly elections. Nevertheless, incidents like Alwar lynching and Sikar gang rape have tarnished the image of Rajasthan police as well as the government. To prevent such happenings in future, the government has braced itself to eliminate the loopholes in administration and public security.


Rajasthan CM Hands out Basic Mantra of ‘Sushasan’ on Opening Session of Collector SP Conference…

  • Stick to your Promises

A person who delivers promises on time holds credibility in the market. Keeping this in mind, CM Raje advised law makers of Rajasthan to fulfill all promises they’ve made to the public.

  • Justice, Security, Honesty & Speed: 4 Keys to Success

Resolving disputes, delivering justice, securing society and showing honesty at workplace are some factors that take us ahead in life. The bureaucrats and police officers need to include them in their work pattern.

  • Be a Good Listener if you Wish to be a Good Orator

Communication is a strong link that brings people together. To be a good orator, one needs to be a good listener first, so he can easily explain his ideologies to general public. Raje directed district collectors and officers to maintain consistent communication with the public. This step will boost their work efficiency in future!

  • Identify and Appreciate Young Talent

There are many talented officers in the collectorate, but their talents go unnoticed by higher officials. The CM advised bureaucrats to identify talented officers who can deliver good governance by implementing fruitful ideas.

  • Innovation Makes Way for Success

In last couple of years, many youngsters, brimming with new and unique ideas have stepped inside government offices whereas the older ones have been promoted to higher ranks, considering their outstanding performance. Raje directed officers to combine novel ideas with old experiences to accomplish maximum results.


Chittorgarh, Hanumangarh, Ajmer, Pali & Bhilwara among Top 5 Districts in Rajasthan

In the last Collector SP conference organized in November 2016, CM Raje set some parameters for district administration. Effective administration and implementation of government policy was the basic criteria for this competition. In a span of just six months, Pali, Ajmer, Bhilwara, Chittorgarh and Hanumangarh have made it to the top five ranks.

The CM encouraged other district collectors to follow into their footsteps to accomplish best results in their district. Raje is likely to set more goals for the future.


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