CM Vasundhara raje

The recent terror attacks on Kashmiri students convened a storm of fear and anguish among them. Drenched in all agony, the students studying at a private university of Rajasthan were preparing for their next level battle and that’s when CM Raje’s comforting remarks leveled it all.

Not only had the state government taken this matter into prompt consideration but they are making sure not letting any such issues to surface again.

CM Raje tweeted for the students, “Kashmiri students are our children. The Police have taken prompt action and apprehended the culprits”.

When probed, one of the assaulted student, Bahar Ahmed Giri mentioned, “Six of us were assaulted in three separate attacks that took place at the same time in the market. The attacks seemed coordinated”.

But, the ruling BJP party has not taken this matter easy. Home Minister Rajnath Singh also understood the sensitivity of the issue and tweeted, “I appeal to everyone to ensure the safety of Kashmiri students living in other parts of the country. Kashmiris are a part of our family”.

The students faced the violence with no apparent reason and were also beaten. Students have the most dissatisfaction because of their failed defense attempts.

The ministry of home affairs rolled out a helpline number in this regard for migrants from Jammu and Kashmir who are dwelling in the other parts of the country.

Rajnath mentioned, “I have come to know that there were a few incidents of misbehaviour towards Kashmiris in some places. I appeal to all chief ministers to ensure the security of Kashmiris”.

The helpline numbers are 011-23092923 and 011-23092885.

Few students of Chittorgarh got thrashed by the locals during a harsh clash. The students became the victim of “stone pelting” and anger from the locals.

CM Raje’s favouring concern on this matter manifested her responsible nature towards these students.




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