CM Vasundhara Raje

Rajasthan seems a restyled state from last 3 years. Clean roads, better infrastructure and happy farmers recite the success stories of this desert state. Development of any state is directly proportionate to its rulers and authorities. Rajasthan is breathing under an aspiring and visionary leader and thus is showing apparent results of growth.

In the mission of state development, CM Vasundhara Raje has been prompt than never before. On Tuesday, Shahri Jan Kalyan Shivir workshop was organized at Birla auditorium, Jaipur in which CM Raje did some stark announcements for the state officials. The body chiefs received ultimatum from the chief minister that they must improve their performances within a year. If they fail to comply with the standards, they will be fired without any prior notice.

Chief Minister’s main focus was on cleanliness and infrastructure of the cities. She gave the clear instructions that, if failed to deliver the results, the public may even make them sit at home.

Better performers and officials with better work styles will be rewarded with promotion and incentives. She also mentioned that, better performers can also become members of parliament or MLAs. Chief Minister assured that the aspiring scheme of Annapurna Rasoi Yojana will be prevailing in almost all the cities by the end of the year.

The body majors have below key points to work on:

  • Women and Child Safety
  • Clean Cities
  • Open-defecation free state
  • Protection of memorials and step wells
  • Food availability in hospitals with the help of NGOs

CM Raje also pointed the unfit things like garbage heaps in Jodhpur and Jaipur cities. While pointing towards Mayor Ashok Lahoti, Commissioner Hemant Gera and Jodhpur Mayor Ghanshyam Ojha and promptly said that the government will not accept any casualties in hygiene regime. She highlighted that the cleanliness arrangements in Jaipur have been improved but they are not up to the mark.

Heritage is in danger:

CM Raje expressed her worries for the heritage beauty of tourist cities like Jaipur and Udaipur. Every city has its own beauty and form it must be preserved. She expressed her denial on the recent decisions taken by the JDA in which they allowed residence in the ecological areas.

Seems like CM Raje is not going to take any excuses this time and keeping everybody on the toes.


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