BJP In Rajasthan

The assembly election results in the northeast came as a delightful development for BJP and the party’s exceptional performance got everyone talking about its surging power all over the country. And now Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has also expressed her satisfaction and confidence of a victory in the state in the next year’s elections.

Elated and excited about the BJP’s performance in the northeast, CM Raje has said that the party’s saffron flag is soon going to be hoisted in Rajasthan as BJP is going to retain power in the state. Citing the results as historic, Raje praised the leadership of PM Modi and the organisation skills of party President Amit Shah, during a press conference.

BJP In Rajasthan

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She said that BJP has traveled from zero to top while facing a lot of challenges and the party workers had to sacrifice a lot for it. With the rise of the vote share of BJP in Tripura from 1.3% to 43% has, in a way, changed the entire political picture of the northeast.

On one hand, the collective vote share of BJP and its allies has grown to 51% while that of the Congress has shrunk to 1.8%. As per CM Raje, this huge victory of BJP had been made possible because of the developmental politics. She also pointed out that the development in the country is being pushed to new heights like never before. BJP In Rajasthan

CM Raje also praised the efforts of native Rajasthanis and thanked the leaders, party workers, and tribal communities of northeast for the victory of BJP in the elections. BJP In Rajasthan

BJP In Rajasthan Looking closely at the status of both BJP and Congress in the northeast region, the situation has reversed in the past few years. On one hand, the number of BJP MLAs has gone from 9 in 2013 to 140 in 2018; Congress’ tally has gone down from 242 in 2013 to 151 now. BJP In Rajasthan 

BJP has shown an excellent performance from not having a single MLA in 5 of the 8 states of northeast to having 5 CMs and a ruling alliance in one state. Right from Gujarat to Himachal Pradesh and now in Tripura, the party now rules 21 states, which has simply strengthened its prospects of emerging as a winner in the upcoming Rajasthan assembly polls. BJP In Rajasthan 


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