After Anandpal’s alleged encounter, Charanjit Kanwar Chauhan aka Chinu, his eldest Dubai-based daughter, became the talk of the town because of her audio clips. What we didn’t know was that the seemingly innocent student was the cunning mastermind behind Anandpal’s criminal acts.

The entire drama following Anandpal’s death, from issuing inflammatory statements to provoking the Rajput community in the name of honor and arranging a condolence ceremony that resulted in Nagaur violence was not a coincidence. It was a well-planned conspiracy, a courtesy of Chinu and AP Singh, the lawyer in Anandpal’s case.

Ever since Rajasthan’s notorious gangster Anandpal Singh died in a police cross-firing, his eldest daughter Cheenu has been releasing videos and audios, calling upon the Rajputs to support her family. The daughter, who was too busy to attend her father’s funeral, demanded the Rajputs to raise voice against Rajasthan police and the government. She believed it was the authorities that planned her ‘Robinhood’ father’s encounter.

She accused the police of cremating her father after the sunset, a practice forbidden in Hindu customs. However, the videos and photographs of Singh’s cremation say otherwise.

The police found out that Anandpal Singh’s daughter Chinu was the leading accused in the Sanvrad violence in Rajasthan. In a tribute rally or condolence ceremony organized at the deceased’s native village, a group of 12,000 angry Protestants attacked the police, torched government vehicles on duty and misbehaved with the female IPS officer. The police booked Anandpal’s lawyer AP Singh and Cheenu as the prime accused in their FIR copy. For those who don’t know, AP Singh was the lawyer for 2012 Delhi gang rape accused.

Chinu always shared a close connection with her father. In spite of being a responsible daughter and discouraging her father’s wayward ways, she chose to play an ally in Anandpal’s heinous crimes. Back in 2015, she helped her father escape from the police van in Ladnu, on the way from court. Anandpal’s associates attacked and injured 8 police officers and rescued Sri Vallabh and Subhash Mund along with Singh.

She was also an accused in Jeevan Ram Godara’s massacre. Jat student leader Godara was poisoned by Anandpal in 2006. They say it was Chinu that arranged the poison for Godara’s killing. Now that her father is dead, Chinu issued fiery statements, provoking her community members against the government.

She was also involved in multiple controversies hatched by Anandpal and his followers. Fearing police interrogations, Chinu hasn’t returned home, yet. For now, the police is keeping a close watch on the daughter, trying to gauge her next move. Some suspect that she’ll try to collaborate with self-styled Rajput leaders like Gogamedi to influence local politics in Nagaur.

Someone should knock some sense into her and make her realize that it’s dangerous to keep grudges. She must let bygones go and accept the truth, however bitter it may be that her father was a criminal and every criminal deserves punishment for his misdeeds. Rather, she must take lessons from her father’s life and move ahead with a positive attitude.


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