CBI Begins Investigation in Anandpal Encounter Case, three cases registered


    The case of Gangster Anandpal Singh who was encountered in 2017 has been taken up by CBI for investigation and the probe has reportedly begun. CBI has filed three cases related to the encounter. The state government’s Home Ministry had recommended CBI probe into the case in December and on 6th January CBI filed three cases related to the matter.

    Talking about these cases in detail, the first one is the encounter case of Anandpal, second one relates to the murder of Surendra Singh in Sanvarad during a meeting. The third one relates to the acts of violence that took place in Sanvarad on 13th July in which cases have been filed against some Rajput leaders. However, the bureau has not registered FIR inrelation to the fake encounter of Anandpal.

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    What are these FIRs about?

    In the cases filed by CBI, reports suggest that an FIR has been registered against Rajput leaders and others who were responsible for igniting violence and illegally assembling the crowd, and attempt to abduction. The case has been filed against Rajput leaders like Sukhdev Singh Gogamadi, Hanuman Singh, Mahipal Makrana, Anandpal’s daughter, and his lawyer. Besides, the CBI has also filed complaints against more than 10,000 unknowns.

    Another case filed in Ratangarh police station against Anandpal and 8 others for attacking government officials and illegally hiding a criminal has also been registered by CBI. The third FIR has been registered by Surendra Singh’s father against Sanvarad Police for Surendra’s murder.

    Who was Anandpal?

    Anandpal Singh was a gangster who belonged to the Rajput community and was accused of multiple murders and extortion. The gangster was killed in an encounter on 24th June in the Churu district of Malsar village. Since then, many questions were raised on the grounds that it was a staged encounter which was followed by acts of violence by the Rajput community.

    Role of CBI in the case

    Earlier the Rajput community had approached the government to demand for an independent CBI probe in the encounter after which the government approached CBI. However, CBI stated that there was nothing to investigate in the case which further angered the Rajput community and instigated violence in some parts of the state. That’s when the state government approached the Centre and pleaded for CBI probe and eventually the bureau obliged.


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