The border security force, established on December 1, 1965, is the border guarding force of India.

The border security force in its new initiative has started using camel carts for the administration and operational needs at the border.  Also known as camel patrolling it is an integral part of guarding the international borders in Rajasthan.

Camel also known as the ship of the desert will also be used for building a green wall on the border. A massive plantation drive is been organized and thus the camel carts are been used to supply water for the trees planted at the border outpost.

Anil Paliwal, the inspector general of the BSF stated that the camel carts are already in use to guard the border outposts. According to Anil Paliwal by using the camel carts the cost of the fuel will also decrease.

The BSF Rajasthan Frontier’s Camel Wing has a different identity in the Paramilitary Force. The Camel Wing is not only kept on the border but is also used in ceremonial and entertainment activity.

In the BSF Rajasthan Frontier, a camel mountain band was also formed in 1986, which first marched past Rajpath on the occasion of Republic Day in 1990.

The process of making camel carts available on the adjoining border of Bikaner and Jaisalmer is underway. The plan is to provide six to eight camel carts per battalion, which will cover some 500 km on the international border.

Sometimes these camel carts get out of control during the winters and thus keeping this in mind preventive measures are also taken keeping a safe distance between the jawans and the camels.

This method of patrolling is a safety measure and is also costless as it involves the ship of the desert. This will not only reduce the cost of the fuel but will also help in keeping a close check at the international borders.  certainly a great step by the government.


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