Amongst the multiple cases which had jolted Salman Khan, the Blackbuck case has garnered maximum attention. Not only Khan, his allies including Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, Tabu and Neelam have also been accused in the case.

The film stars were alleged accused of poaching of two blackbucks in Kankani village. The case will begin hearing from July 6 after postponing it from pre-scheduled March 1.

The court, however, rejected the prosecution’s plea of seeking documents from the veterinarian N P Nepalia, who had performed a post-mortem of the beast.

Defence counsel H M Saraswat slammed the prosecution for delaying the case by requesting for veterinarian’s documents. He said the documents required by the prosecution are already on record.

The Dabbang actor along with this allies had appeared earlier in the court on January 27 for recording his statements in the poaching case. Along with the five celebrities accused, a local named Dushyant Singh has also been accused in the blackbuck case. All the six accused have pleaded not guilty and also recorded their statements.

The counsels had already completed the arguments pertaining to the application which had accused all concerned. This took place in the trial court on May 30. However, magistrate Devkumar Khatri has reserved the order till date.

The acquittal of Salman Khan by the trial court is being challenged while he was involved in under Arms Act.

Well, what remains to be seen is how the Bajrangi Bhaijaan eludes this serious trouble which has become a constant distractor for him and others accused. The defence team of Salman Khan is seemingly indomitable and is likely to emerge on the winning side of the case, thereby avoiding any further litigations and legal actions.

Salman is praised like God in most parts of India. Hence, if the Court announces any negative court verdict, wide-spread public turbulence is imminent. This is also one of the many reasons why Salman has proved to be lucky in former cases’ verdicts too.


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