Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje while speaking on the Assembly on the Motion of Thanks to Governor’s address expressed full confidence about winning the upcoming Rajasthan Assembly elections. She said that the party’s defeat in the recently held bypolls in Alwar, Ajmer, and Mandalgarh isn’t going to affect BJP’s performance in the upcoming polls. The BJP

Further speaking about the Congress, she said that opposition is only looking for a win and that’s not going to happen. She said that she has full faith in the policies of the government and the development works that are being carried out by the government will help the BJP Lotus to bloom again. She even highlighted achievements of the state government.

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Raje also congratulated the newly elected Congress MPs and MLA Vivek Dhakar. Acknowledging that the bypoll results were a wake up call for the party, she said, “we need to speed up the development in Rajasthan.” The BJP


Hghlighting the achievements of the state government, CM said that Rajasthan has become a leading state in India when it comes to construction of toilets and innovative schemes like Bhamashah Yojna. She also praised the setting up of e-Mitra centres and Annapurna Bhandars and talked about inter-state air connectivity among the cities. The BJP

She even raised question on efforts of Congress of using the names of freedom fighters to remain in power. She stated, “They kept chanting Gandhi’s name but did nothing about sanitation…. they divided people in the name of vote banks to weaken them.” Then she added that the real tribute to Mahatma Gandhi has been given by PM Modi through the Swachh Bharat Campaign. The BJP

Furthermore, talking about the accomplishments of the Bhamashah scheme, she said that the dreams of Late Rajiv Gandhi have been realized with the policy. She pointed out that the Bhamashah Yojna has helped in keeping a check on leakage and has ensured that the welfare money is transferred to the beneficiaries in their bank accounts. The BJP

CM Raje also slammed Congress for hurriedly laying the foundation stone for projects just for the sake of vote bank. She said that the Parwan River Project and Barmer refinery project were laid down by the opposition without proper planning and the party also failed to implement the projects in time. The BJP


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