With less than 2 days to the biggest tax reform in India’s history, the GST rollout has become a source of happiness for the Indian shoppers.

E-commerce companies are offering deep discounts on various products to attract customers for making bulk purchases before the expected increase in prices.

This is a treat for all customers who are stacking up their E-carts to stock up groceries, cosmetics, clothes, electronics and more in a bid to counter the GST aftermath.


Amazon, Flipkart and Big Bazaar: How do they approach pre-GST sales? 

Flipkart had already ushered in big offers starting on Wednesday, while Amazon has offered big 40-50% discounts on home appliances and electronic devices. However, the two e-tailers have refused to reveal the pre-GST figures.

Big Bazaar has decided to remain open for its customers until midnight of June 30, 2017. It is also a known fact that retailers who follow the sell-in model are aggressively pitchng for pre-GST sales.

Moreover, stock lying with the seller 6 months before GST will not be eligible for availing GST benefits and hence, this maddening rush of selling out stock.

GST Aftermath

Essential items are going to drop, while prices of electronics are going to rise. Pulses are going to available cheap while SUVs are going to cost us dearly.

GST launch on June 30 midnight

As far as the attendance at the special midnight GST launch is concerned, Congress has given its dissent to attend the parliament session. Not only this, Trinamool Congress has decided to boycott the session.

However, President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are all geared up to attend the parliamnetary session on June 30 midnight.

What we still wait to see is how the small traders and retailers react to the GST rollout. Stay tuned to this space for knowing the aftermath of GST rollout.


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