Just like an effective drug is necessary to restore a patient’s health, similarly, education and empowerment of women is important for social, cultural and economic development of the society. The progress of the world revolves around women, who function as the linchpin of modern society. Knowing that a well-educated women can drastically change the social order, the erudite academicians of the world will ponder over key topics related to women– quality education, empowerment, community participation, etc. at QS in Conversation. This 3-day women-centric convention will kick off on February 13 at ITC Rajputana, Jaipur.

Banasthali Vidyapith– the largest residential women’s university in Asia will organise this seminar to rope in inspiring speakers and woman activists of the world.

QS in Conversation: A Life-changing Idea Invoking Women Liberation

The idea behind this seminar is “Women’s Higher Education for Leadership and Social Innovation”.

Despite all democratic countries, including India, fighting tooth-and-nail for women equality, the pink brigade eventually loses its identity at some point of time, as they struggle through patriarchal ideologies at family-level. Education is a millennium old concept, but the participation of women in academics is novel.

One can’t deny that women have considerably progressed over time and now hold top-notch leadership positions around the world, their under-representation in Indian families is a matter of serious concern. Social assumption, low self-confidence, family discouragement, gender stereotyping and biasness are a few factors obstructing their growth.

Through this conversation, the intellectuals would try to encourage a ‘gender sensitive educational ideology’ in families, neighbourhood, society and the world. The idea is to recognize the inner potential, strength, psychology, personal talents and capabilities of women and to utilise them to generate sustainable, efficient and effective solutions for all-round women development.

QS in Conversation Schedule: Here’s what You can Expect

Day 1:

Welcome Address by Ms Mandy Mok, CEO, QS Asia Quacquarelli Symond.

  • Key address on “higher education and career development” by Ms Aicha Bah Diallo, founding member of the Forum for African Women Educationalists.
  • Speech on Research Innovation by Professor Kavin Hall, Deputy VC, University of New Castle, Australia.

Day 2:

  • Panel Discussion on “Changing India Diversion Perspective for women in higher education”. Participating speakers: Ms Shobhna Mishra Ghosh (Senior Director, FICCI), Dr. Rajesh Tandon (Co-founder Society for Participatory Research in India), Dr. Vidya Yeravedkar (Principle Director, Symbiosis International University).
  • Session on “National Development and Policy Initiation in Women Higher Education”. Participating speakers: Mr. Tom Rudin (Director, Committee on Woman in Science, Engineering and Medicine, US), Sairina Syahrin (Deputy director, International Office University, Kualalumpur).
  • Debate supervised by Professor Alayal (Iffat University, UAE), Professor Ghazli (Associate Vice Chancellor, Malaya University, Malaysia), Professor Hile (Vice Chancellor, Fiji National University), Professor Hawaz (Vice Chancellor, Ahilya University) and Professor Aditya Shastri (Vice Chancellor, Banasthali Vidyapith University).

Day 3:

  • Interactive Session on “Advancing female leadership through higher education”. Participating speakers: President Haifa Jamal (Iffat University, UAE), Lailani El Alkantra (Associate Dean, Pacific University, Japan) and Michele Ozumba and Dr. Anita B Jed.

Females are most vulnerable to abuse, molestation and trafficking when they’re poor, alone and undereducated. Therefore, this attempt will not just gather an international assembly of professionals on a common forum, but also create awareness and knowledge on critical issues surrounding women development.


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