Jaipur Wax Museum Shipped Kalam’s Wax Statue to his Birth Place Rameswaram…

In a proud moment for Rajasthan, the Jaipur Wax Museum ships a wax statue of India’s former President APJ Abdul Kalam to his native town Rameswaram. According to Mr. Anoop Srivastava, the founder-director of Jaipur Wax Museum, the wax statue is a ‘gift’ for Kalam’s family members. By doing so, they’ve granted the request of Kalam’s family members. The statue will be installed at the Knowledge Centre in Rameswaram.

Last year, the citizens ran an online petition to retrieve Kalam’s belongings for a memorial. Succumbing to their demands, the government began the construction work on Kalam’s memorial in Peikarumbu in Rameswaram, on the 85th birth anniversary of the beloved former president. The knowledge center now displays the works, life, and ideals of late APJ Abdul Kalam, the people’s president, who died on July 27.

Kalam is an eternal symbol of pride, national integrity, patriotism and undying devotion towards one’s country. Teachers, students, professionals, scientists, and even common people from various classes, creed, and social backgrounds adore and respect Kalam for his accomplishments. The knowledge center flagged off on July 27 (on Kalam’s death anniversary) was set up to display his simple lifestyle, high ideals, and innovative ideas.

Kalam was one of the best presidents that India had, so far. He was not just a learned scholar, but an accomplished aerospace scientist, a great orator and teacher, skilled writer, an excellent statesman and above all, a generous human being! His quotes and books continue to inspire millions of readers worldwide. He has great discoveries like the PSLV satellites, Agni, Prithvi, and Smiling Buddha to his name, credited to his name.

Sculptor Sushanta Ray and his team created Kalam’s statue to honor the contribution of the great president. This 45-kilogram statue is made using twenty-five kilograms of wax. It took three months for the designers and sculptors to complete it. Once completed, it was kept in the Jaipur Wax Museum for a long time, until the museum management decided to ship it to its rightful place!


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