The body of the gangster has become a reason of unneeded drama and propaganda. The Rajput community is trying to pressurize the government for demanding a CBI probe. A host of self-styled leaders is taking the lead. Anandpal’s Dubai-based daughter is blackmailing Rajput community by sending out an emotional audio message.

Unneeded Drama surrounding Anandpal’s death 

Anandpal’s family had kept his body in a deep freezer for 19 days. Earlier, the family refused to accept the body of Anandpal. Human Rights Commission interference is perhaps the sole factor which helped Anandpal’s body to be subjected to cremation rights, a right that Anandpal’s body was eluded from due to his family.

If Anandpal’s family is desirous of a CBI probe, they may file a plea to the High Court, which if deems fit, can order a CBI investigation into this matter. The aimless and destructive idea of holding rallies not only disrupts peace but also sets a bad example for the youth.

“The entire drama surrounding the refusal to cremate the body of the gangster to put pressure on the government, and then, calling the villagers for a tribute rally was the plan of Cheenu and AP Singh,” said NRK Reddy, ADGP (law and order).

Daughter Chinu hatches a conspiracy 

Anandpal’s daughter Chinu hatched an emotional conspiracy to stir violence amid the whole community. And the irony is that her plan has become successful. The daughter’s message aims at provoking the Rajput community towards agitation and spreading violence.

Chinu splashed a series of blames claiming that his father’s body was cremated after sunset, thereby opposing Hindu’s customs. However, videos and pictures of Anandpal’s cremation clearly prove that the rituals were carried out as per the believed norms.

A criminal be punished and there is no denying that. Regardless of whether he is a Muslim, Hindu or a Rajput, a criminal must and shall be penalized for his misdeeds and wrongdoings. And Anandpal was no exception…


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