Amber Fort

The state of Rajasthan is a hub of historical monuments.  It is a state where one can find a lot of places to travel and visit. Talking about the Jaipur, the Pink city, it also has many architectural wonders. The forts in Jaipur attract tourists from all over the world. Especially, Jaipur’s Amber Fort has been the most visited place in Rajasthan. In fact, in year 2017, it is the most beneficial for tourism in Rajasthan.

Going by the revenues generated from Amber fort in 2017, approximately 19,14,000 tourists have come to visit the fort of this capital. The fort of Amber has earned around 32 crore for Rajasthan state in terms of tourism.

What are the other monuments?

In Rajasthan, Amber Fort is the only such heritage monument to earn so much in 2017. If it is compared to the Taj Mahal in Uttar Pradesh then it is still lagged behind.  The no. of visitors in Taj Mahal are comparatively higher than Amber Fort in Rajasthan.

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What are the specialties of Amber Fort?

Talking about the Amber Fort, it is located in Amber, Rajasthan, India.  Amber fort is one of the major tourist attractions in Jaipur. There is a continuous increase in the number of tourists coming to see the glorious history of Rajputs and their magnificence. Amber town was originally built by Meenas and later it was ruled by Raja Man Singh I.

Witnessing the increase in tourists every year, the efforts have been made to make it more attractive. There are light and sound show, elephant safari and night tour facilities etc on the fort. This palace has two forts nearby namely Nahargarh Fort and Jaigarh Fort. This palace also hosts various events inside its premises. In fact, the filmmakers love to use Amber palace for shooting the films.


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