The recent win of Abhimanyu Poonia over Abhishek Choudhary as the state NSUI President yesterday was widely celebrated as it mirrored the much-needed ouster of former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot from the Rajasthan politics. It also signaled the active presence of Sachin Pilot in the same.


The elephant in the room was that the two strong opposing candidates were backed by two political leaders. Sources privy to the matter revealed that Poonia was backed by Pilot while Choudhary was projected by Ashok Gehlot and CP Joshi.

While the Congress battleground is gaining huge momentum with Gehlot and Pilot pulling each other’s leg, the election results was a major punch in Gehlot’s face.

Nevertheless, it is sad to know that despite Gehlot’s relentless efforts to ensure victory in the NSUI elections, fate didn’t favour the old man.

If sources are to be believed, Gehlot’s officer on special duty (OSD) Dr. Devaram Saini along with his supporters like Dharmendra Rathore and Virendra Poonia were deployed to clinch victory in the NSUI elections.

Youth Congress state president Ashok Chandna made all district functionaries work as district-in-charge for achieving success in the Rajasthan NSUI elections.

Not only this, former NSUI state president Dheeraj Gurjar, Congress MLAs and Congress state secretary Indraraj Gurjar pitched for Poonia prior to the polls.

Final Results

While Abhimanyu Poonia bagged the title of NSUI state president, Ashok Saini clinched the post of General Secretary.

Abhimanyu Poonia received 5406 votes, while Abhishek got 4248 votes. With 1355 votes, Randeep Singh Choudhary stood at the third spot.

On the other hand, Sonu Choudhary bagged the position of state vice president, which she got hold through women quota. Umesh Dudi got 1,232 votes for the national delegates in the Rajasthan NSUI elections.

Besides, Abhishek Choudhary, Ajay Kaswa, Randeep Choudhary, Vijay Meena and Hussain Sultania have been declared as state vice presidents.


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