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On the second day of Aapka Zila Aapki Sarkaar, the CM targets Water Mafias, inspects Schools, Annapurna Bhandars, Hospitals & Public Places on Complainers’ Requests…

The second day of CM Raje’s ambitious ‘Aapka Zila Aapki Sarkaar’ scheme brought tons of surprises for government staff as well as the chief minister herself. Raje took a trip around Karauli to monitor the condition of government-run schemes. The journey started with Bhagatpura Gram Panchayat. In due course of time, she covered Ballupura, Mengri, Maachi, Gudla, Kachroli and Hindone villages. Taken aback by the poor condition of roads, water storage units, schools and hospitals, the CM chided public officers for their slackness.

vasundhara Raje

Here’s what happened in Karauli today.

  1. Baby Food Controversy at Bhagatpura Aanganbadi Center

The CM was surprised to see the poor condition of Aanganbadi Center in Bhagatpura. She instructed the Gram Panchayat to provide funds for its repair, under the supervision of district collector. The collector was instructed to send a photograph of the center post-revamp.

One of her officers weighted the baby food distributed by Aanganbadi Centers in the area. To our surprise, the 750-gram package contained merely 520 grams of nutritious baby food. Furious by this fraud, Raje directed woman and child development minister Anita Bhadel to suspend the contract of Jai Durga Ma Self-help Group—the prime suppliers of baby food.

  1. Case Registered against Ballupura Annapurna Bhandar Manager

Residents of Ballupura village registered complaint against frauds in ration distribution conducted by Annapurna Bhandar owner. The manager didn’t provide them receipts of purchase and the notice board outside the store lacked the rate list of ration products. Investigation revealed that store owner charged high prices of various items.

A case was immediately registered against the store owner and the collector was asked to keep tabs on Annpurna stores in district.

vasundhara Raje

  1. Municipal Bodies and Karauli District Hospital Penalized for Hygiene Issues

Upon reaching Karuali district hospital, a huge pile of garbage welcomed CM Raje at the main entrance to the hospital. Angered by the negligence of concerned bodies, Raje instructed the hospital administration to remove it within a day. She visited operation theaters, labor room and maternity wards to inspect their conditions.

  1. Vipin Devi’s Newborn Receives the First Gift of Her Life by Raje

The CM interacted with mothers inside the maternity ward to inquire about medical services delivered by the hospital staff. Upon discovering a newborn in Vipin Devi’s laps (a local woman, Raje blessed her with ‘shagun’ (a token sum of Rs 500) for the newborn.

  1. Stock Register and PoS Machines Inspected at Ration Stores

The CM visited Maachi Gram Panchayat to monitor stock register and PoS maintenance. Luckily, everything was up-to-date. She talked to the consumers present at the shop. A senior citizen named Banti Devi requested her to verify seeding in her Bhamashah card. Her complaint was immediately registered and rectified by the leaders.,

  1. ‘Aadarsh Vidyalay’ not so ‘Aadarsh’ any more

Aadarsh senior secondary school at Gudla lacks proper labs, toilets, power connection and drinking water facilities. Upon investigation she discovered that furniture and computers were stolen from the school. Angered by the carefree attitude of school administration, she ordered education department head Mr. Naresh Pal to submit an inspection report regarding it.

vasundhara Raje

She ordered an investigation against Sundarpura Aadarsh school administration.

  1. Public Water Supply was Up-to-Date in Karauli

Compared to other areas, Kachroli was in a better shape. Raje inspected the RO plant for water supply and talked to commoners regarding it. The public seemed happy with water supply units.

  1. Tough Times for Water Department in Hindon City!

The residents of Hindon complained against water thefts and slackness on the part of tanker managers. To top it, the underground reservoirs in Baadi Baakhar, Gurjar Pada and other areas were in poor shape. The water department officers were thoroughly scolded and asked to repair public structures.

So this is how the public officers were put into place on the second day of Aapka Zila Aapki Sarkaar. Hopefully this will teach them to get serious about their duty towards the public!


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