More than 5,000 Devotees Gather to Participate in Kalash Yatra from Govind Devji Temple

    Govind Devji Temple

    A pilgrimage was organised from Govind Devji temple to Baba Balnath Ashram located on Goner Road to perform Rudra Mahayagya. In this religious procession, more than 5,000 devotees gathered in a long queue covering almost 2 kilometers. It was a grand Kalash Yatra that started from Govind Devji temple and reached Baba Ashram where Yagya will be performed till 13th February.

    The Yatra was led by Baba Basti Nath who was riding on his elephant followed by the female pilgrims and then the rest of the crowd. When one end of the pilgrimage had reached Transport Nagar, the other end was at Johari Bazaar.

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    The Kalash Yatra was welcomed by the public with a shower of flowers. The procession had elephants, camels, cattle, and band that was playing melodious tunes. In order to ensure that there is no inconvenience, different blocks were arranged in the Yatra. It covered areas like Badi Chaupad, Johari Bazaar, Sanganeri Gate, Ghaat Gate, and Transport Nagar and finally reached the Ashram.

    After reaching the Ashram, the rituals were performed by Baba Basti Nath who worshipped Gorakshnath and Avadhoot Baba Bal Nath. In the rituals, the holy Hawan Kund and Kalash were also worshipped. The Maha Yagya started on 8th February and will go on until 13th February to pray for world peace and rise of the nation.

    A big religious feat has also been organised for devotees from across the world. Many people have also come from foreign countries and were seen in traditional avatar enjoying the procession and rituals being performed at the ashram.

    It was a spectacular sight featuring thousands of devotees chanting and engrossed with the holy feeling of religious faith. The devotees also sang devotional songs and performed parikrama to express their religious sentiments.

    Talking about the Govindevji Temple, it’s the most attractive and frequently visited religious site of the Pink City. It enshrines the idol of Lord Krishna which was brought to Jaipur from Vrindavan in the 18th Century. Since then, it has been worshipped by the Royal family of the city.


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