The forest department is gearing up to increase Cheetal population in the Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve (MHTR) by December.

Nearly 300 cheetals from Jodhpur will be flown down to the tiger reserve for increasing its population at the spot.

The reserve is currently housing no tigers. The Rajasthan government is taking inspiration from the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve which houses a massive population of tigers.

The state government will direct and shift some tigers from the Ranthambore tiger reserve to the Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve by December 2017.

ACS forests NC Goel said, “As per plan approved by the National tiger Conservative Au-thority (NTCA), a pair of big cat was planned to be introduced in the reserve by December 2018. But, we want the induction of big cats by the end of this year and for the same a request will be shot to the NTCA.”

If authorities are to be believed, the preponement of the plan would not cause any serious effect on the progress of the project.

Mukundra reserve has been recognised as an extension of the core area of the RTR, by the NCTA. The Mukundara reserve which spreads across four districts-Kota, Bundi, Chittorgarh and Jhalawar covers a massive area of 759 sq km.

“To increase prey base, 100 cheetal are already rehabilitated in the tiger reserve. Nearly 300 cheetal from Jodhpur would also be sent there soon, Goel informed.

Cheetals from the Army area will be relocated to the Tiger Reserve.

The department has already started to plan to shift Cheetal which are profound in the army area in Kota,” Goel added.

This project also aims at easing out the increasing population pressure across various areas like Ranthambhore. It will also cover areas like Darrah, Jawahar Sagar and Chambal wildlife sanctuaries.


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