Congress VP Rahul Gandhi held a 10-minute ‘high-speed’ farmer rally in Banswara, Rajasthan in a bid to reach out to the ‘needy’ farmers of Rajasthan. Rahul Baba’s ‘Kisan Aakrosh Kisan rally’ didn’t go as the Congress leaders must have expected. However, the audience picked up on a thing or two from Congress’s flop show in Banswara.

On a surprising note, the audience learned three things at Rahul’s rally!

  • The Indian Tricolor features ‘Green’ on top!

Back in schools, our teachers taught us that the national flag of India is rectangular tricolor of saffron, white and green colors. You’ve been learning it wrong all your life people! The Congress’s version of Indian tricolor features the green color on top. If you don’t believe us, just check out this photo. Ms. Lata Sharma, the district head of women Congress committee flagged off the bus carrying Congress party workers in Pratapgarh. A closer look at the picture reveals that the lady is holding the national flag upside down!

Rajasthan Congress may have missed this tiny-weeny detail that hoisting the Indian flag upside down is a criminal offense under 1971’s Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act. The instance puts up serious questions on the intentions of the oldest party of India. Their leaders haven’t learned how to respect the Indian flag in last 70 years, how can one expect them to show respect towards a common man, especially farmers!

  • Replace ‘New Friendships’ with ‘Old Bonds’.

The audience took the pain of listening to Rahul Baba’s entire speech (can’t say they were motivated) where he conveniently sidelined all veteran leaders, including former chief minister of Rajasthan in favor of his new buddy Sachin Pilot. While Gehlot may not have been a good example of a national leader, but it wouldn’t hurt Rahul to show respect to an old man, would it? It can be safely deduced that Rahul plans to build Pilot’s political career at the cost of Gehlot’s respect! It seems the high command will face a tough time brushing off ‘rumors of in-house conflicts’ now.

  • So far, Rahul Gandhi doesn’t show any improvement in the IQ department.

Rahul’s speech was a well-rehearsed example of old cramming. As expected, Rahul raised issues that the Congress leaders have been parroting since long: GST, youth employment and empowering farmers. Regardless of whether you’re Dalit, woman, child, farmer or an unemployed youth, Rahul will make it a point to find you, motivate you with his ‘polished’ oration and empower you within best of his capabilities! Not to mention, all this would happen just when the elections are around the corner!

While RaGa may not have motivated the farmers for ‘Jan Aakrosh,’ he certainly reminded them why exactly they voted for Vasundhara Raje in the last elections. After a failed ‘Jan Aakrosh’ in Rajasthan, it’ll be interesting to watch where RaGa lands next, probably some other BJP-governed state that requires ‘instant rescue from an agrarian crisis.’


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