After several attempts of Rajasthan government to bring economically poor and disadvantaged children at par with urban city children, results are finally becoming tangible. Over 1.71 lakh children belonging to economically poor and disadvantaged sections secured admissions in private schools.

Impressively, these private schools also include sophisticated schools of the state which are considered as elite in the state.

Rajasthan released the lottery for Right to Education (RTE) quota admissions on Tuesday.

An impressive 5.73 lakh applications were received from 1.71 lakh students in the state in 24,500 schools for RTE admissions. May 8 is the joining date for students to report to their schools. Students are advised to carry all requisite documents.

These quota admission cost is pegged at Rs 265 crore which will be sourced from the exchequer. As a matter of fact, the state government will reimburse Rs 15,500 per child who has been admitted under the RTE Act.

The maximum 65,902 applications came from the candidates belonging to OBC, followed by 41,866 applications from SC and 27,217 applications from general category. This year, 301 candidates are HIV/cancer affected.

The gender composition of applicants is as follows: 79,537 girls, 91,790 boys and 19 third-gender candidates.

State is giving reimbursements for only pre-primary and primary classes. Parents are forced to bear the expenses on uniforms and books. In Delhi and Punjab, the state also covers expenses on uniforms, books and shoes for kids admitted to private schools under the RTE Act.

Impressively, a total of 17,35,618 students from economically weaker sections were admitted in private schools in 2015 under this Act, out of which 4,36,070 students got admitted to schools in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the second state after Madhya Pradesh, a state which has got 6,37,123 admissions.

State education minister Vasudev Devnani said, “Rajasthan is leading in the country in terms of RTE quota admissions. The state will continue to maintain the status. The RTE Act is playing a pivotal role in blurring the line between privileged and under-privileged lot in the society.”



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