Year 2017 : Flashback to Achievements of Rajasthan Government

Achievements of Rajasthan Government

Here’s a Flashback to the Pivotal Achievements of Rajasthan Government in the Recent Past

It’s been four years since BJP took over the governance in Rajasthan in December 2013 and the state has come a long way from what it was in the recent past. Rajasthan’s BJP has seen its share of ups and downs throughout all these years; it’s been criticized, appreciated, awarded, but most importantly, it has always been active on its part.

Achievements of Rajasthan GovernmentBe it any field, right from water conservation to health benefits and from welfare of girl child to digitalization, the list of schemes, projects, and programs that have been unveiled is quite long. Some have been executed, some have started showing results, and some will take more time to gain momentum. The bottom line is, we may not realize but the government is investing a huge amount of money as well as time to make sure that the change takes place. The year 2017 has been the year of Achievements of Rajasthan Government.

As the party has completed its 4 years of governance, here’s a flashback to some of the key Achievements of Rajasthan Government that have played a crucial role in the development of the state.

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Achievements of Rajasthan Government : Water Conservation

Achievements of Rajasthan Government

Rajasthan is perceived to be an arid land and hence the water scarcity issue has always been a major issue in the state. However, the Mukhymantri Jal Swavlamban Yojna has solved a lot of water related issues by implementation of the scheme in phases.

Various storage tanks and ponds are constructed to store the rainwater which otherwise may go wasted. Villagers are now aware that a farm pond in their filed would conserve water and help in improving the crop yield.  An area spanning across 2, 45,800 hectares under the Narmada Canal Project and 28,732 hectares of land under the Indira Gandhi Canal Project has been irrigated under the scheme.

Irrigations techniques like drip irrigation and fountain irrigation have been made mandatory, micro-irrigation project and four-water concepts have been introduced, and eventually the problem of drinking water is also being resolved.

Achievements of Rajasthan Government : Promotion of Non-conventional energy

Achievements of Rajasthan Government

The government framed a new solar policy and then signed MoUs for production of 14000 MW of solar energy and development of Solar Parks of 26000 MW capacity. The state even bagged an award for making exception efforts in the renewable energy sector.

Recently, the state’s first canal-top solar power plant was approved for Hanumangarh at the cost of INR 20 Crores and is expected to generate 24 Lakh units of electricity every year. It’s an innovative technique which offers twin benefits of utilizing solar energy and preventing the canal water from being evaporated in summers.

Achievements of Rajasthan Government: ODF Status

Achievements of Rajasthan Government

In the wake of Swachh Bharat Campaign started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rajasthan government is continually working towards making the state completely ODF. In February, 55% of gram panchayats in the state were declared ODF and the government aims to achieve the status for all panchayats and cities by March 2018.

The government has even sanctioned financial aid for improving the sanitation and is spreading awareness through team visits and surveillance in the rural areas to ensure that people realize it’s important for their health.

Achievements of Rajasthan Government : Educating and Serving Farmers
Achievements of Rajasthan Government

Rajasthan being a state with a major population constituting of farmers has always been active regarding the protection of their rights and redressing their problems. In property related issues, scheme of Nyay Apke Dwar has helped in solving the cases more quickly in the public revenue courts.

Moreover, the government provided assistance in the form of GRAM meets that educated farmers about beneficial schemes and gave them all the assistance related to farming. It’s a periodic program that recently took place in Udaipur. The farmers have also been supported with the relaxation of interest rates and irrigation-related schemes.

Achievements of Rajasthan Government : Health Benefits

In order to provide cashless health services to families included in National Food Security Scheme and National Health Insurance Scheme, government started Bhamashah Health Insurance Scheme. In this, every eligible family is being given INR 30,000 for general ailments and INR 3 lakhs for critical ailments. These services are being provided in the government as well as private hospitals and the scheme covers 1715 diseases.

Achievements of Rajasthan Government : Annapurna Rasoi

Achievements of Rajasthan Government

In order to serve the downtrodden and needy section of the cities who cannot afford good quality food, the government introduced Annapurna Kitchen van. It offers nutritious breakfast and other meals at just INR 5 an INR 8. More than 500 Annapurna vans in 191 cities of the state have been rolled out.

Achievements of Rajasthan Government : E-mitra

Earlier, for any government work, people needed to visit the respective department offices but now with e-mitra, all the trouble and time can be saved. More than 48,000 e-mitra centres across the state have been set up and 15,000 of them even provide kiosk banking services, whereby people can withdraw money from their Bhamashah accounts. It also includes e-mitra service ATMs that are aimed at offering services digitally to the public.

Achievements of Rajasthan Government : Education and Employment

In order to improve the status of education and to make the future generation more efficient and independent, government has made multiple decisions. The status of girl education witnesses a significant improvement this year, particularly in the higher secondary section. The infrastructure of schools and colleges, particularly in the districts and rural areas are being improved. Earlier, in December 2017, DigiFest was organized to incubate talented programmers and coders into important government projects. There was even prize money for the top 3 winners in the hackathon. 


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