Rajasthan’s Heritage & Old Age Beauty Remains Intact under Supervision of State Government

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Temples of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is endowed with rich heritage and the old-age architecture built in the ancient times. Not only the state holds a historical significance in the form of forts and palaces but it also possesses a large number of temples and religious monuments that are visited by tourists from all across the world.

However, the management and maintenance of these places is not an easy task as it involves huge investments and planning for the reconstruction and renovation. As the state government is responsible for conserving and preserving these tourist destinations, a lot of efforts are made in terms of planning, investments and execution of the projects. Let’s take a stroll through the contributions made by the state government that have aided in the preservation and maintenance of the important shrines, panoramas and temples of Rajasthan.

Pushkar Lake
Pushkar Lake, Ajmer (Image Courtesy: rajasthandirect)

Previous Tenure

Starting with the previous term of the government, the Rajasthan Heritage Conservation and Promotion Authority was formed in 2006. Under the supervision of Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, following important tasks were accomplished by the government for panoramas, shrines and temples of rajasthan:

  • Restoration and promotion of legendary pilgrim of Pushkar
  • Enhancement in devotees visiting Shiromani Mira Bai Memorial, Merta City
  • Sahwa Sarovar Construction in the memory of Guru Govind Singh in Churu
  • Reconstruction of Narmadeshwar Dhaam in Jalore
  • Rana Sanga memorial construction in Bharatpur district
  • Veeravati Hadi Rani Meorial, Salumber
  • Panorama of Lok Devta Gogaji
  • Govind Guru Smruti Park, Mangarh Dham, Banswara

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Current Tenure

The Rajasthan Heritage Conservation and Promotion Authority was reconstituted in March 2014. This body has been working for the reconstruction of museums, monuments and panoramas. These render a creative portrayal of the lives of some great personalities who contributed to the freedom struggle with their power and devotion. The state government has granted INR 157.96 Lakhs in the 2017-18 budget to enable the Authority carry out the conservation and promotion works, in this financial year.

Let’s take a look at the projects that the government is working on:

Completed Projects 

  • The construction of the rainwater collection facility at Pushkar shrine lake in Ajmer has been completed. As per the reports, around 6 feet of water was collected in the lake after the first rainy monsoon.
  • The Veer Amarsingh Rathod Panorama has been constructed at the cost of INR 140 Lakhs in Nagaur.
  • In Nagaur, the work of Guru Tejaji Panorama Kharanal and Guru Jambheshwar Panorama Pipesar has been completed at the cost of INR 100 Lakhs, each. The request for release has also been received from the Chief Minister.

    Karni Mata Temple, Bikaner
    Karni Mata Temple, Bikaner (Image Courtesy: Make My Trip)

Projects about to be completed

A lot of investment has been made for the repair and reconstruction works at different religious places and temples of Rajasthan. The projects in progress are enlisted below:

  • Deendayal Upadhyay National Memorial at INR 494 lacs in Jaipur
  • Shri Karani Mata Paranorma in Bikaner district at INR 389 lakh
  • Baba Ramdev Penorama at Jaisalmer district costing INR 355 lakh
  • Panorama Oova, freedom struggle at the incurred cost of Rs 395 lakh in Pali district
  • Shaurya Park (Var Memorial) at INR 450 lacs in Jhunjhunu district
  • Sant Sunderdas Penorama at the cost of INR 447 lakh in Dausa district
  • Harden Panorama at Baram District at a cost of INR 660 lakh
  • Pappaji Panorama Gagaron at a cost of Rs 299 lakh in Jhalawar district
  • Saint Radas Penorama with a cost of Rs. 149 lakhs in Chittorgarh district
  • Pabuji Panorama Kolu at a cost of Rs. 157 lakh in Jodhpur district
  • Nagaridas Penorama Kishangarh at the cost of Rs 130 lakh in Ajmer district
  • Kalibai Penorama Mandwa at a cost of Rs 165 lakh in Dungarpur district
  • Maharaja Raj Singh Panorama Rajsamand at the cost of Rs. 198 lakhs at the cost of Rs. 198 lakhs in the Rajsamand district and the cost of Rs. 125 lakh
  • Veer Hassan Khan Mawati Panorama at the cost of Rs. 136 lakhs in Alwar district
  • Mahakavi Maggh and mathematician Brahmagupta Panorama Bhinmal at a cost of Rs 189 lakh in Jalore district
  • The construction work of Dhanna Bhagat Penorama Dhuwakkala at INR 140 lakh in Tonk district is in progress, which will be completed this year

New Projects

In order to portray the sacrifice of tribals in the freedom struggle, the Tribal Freedom Struggle Museum will be constructed in Maangarh. For this, the government has sanctioned INR 5 Crores and it’s likely to be completed by this year.

An amount of INR 11 Crores has been granted approved for the following projects this year:

  • Tannot Mata, Barmer district
  • Alibakhsh Panorama Mundawar in Alwar
  • Maoji Maharaj Panorama Beneshwar in Dungarpur
  • Nimbabarchacharya Panorama Salemabad in Ajmer

Guru Govind Singh Panorama Buddha Johad in Sriganganagar district and Guru Govind Singh Panorama Narena in Jaipur have been approved. The construction is expected to be completed in a year’s time. 


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