Rajasthan to receive heavy rains this monsoon, says Meteorological Department    


Indian Agricultural sector is highly dependent on monsoon. If any year monsoon is low then the whole sector suffers. India is an agricultural based economy so everyone expects good harvest. A large population of the country depends on agriculture for their livelihood. Well.. there is good news for the people this year. As per the meteorological department, rains will be good this year. In fact, the chances of drought are very low. In monsoon, 887 mm of rainfall is expected to receive between June and September. It is claimed by private SkyMet Agency.

Areas to get good monsoon

Rajasthan state falls in North region and this region will see good rainfall. The other areas of Northern India to get rainfall are eastern Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal, Jammu and Kashmir areas including Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Shimla, Manali, Dehradun and Srinagar are expected to get more than normal.

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However, parts of the southern peninsula and northeastern India, is expected to receive less rainfall than normal while the Eastern India will have the good monsoon.

During the monsoon, the country is estimated to have 100 percent rain compared to the long-term average (LPA). The rains will be highest in June and the lowest in August. In June, there is 111% LPA, in July 97%, in August 96% and 101% in September.

How will monsoon impact the economy?

With good monsoon, agriculture will be benefitted. There will be positive impact on the GDP. This will definitely bring prosperity to the nation. Every year, many farmers commit suicide as crop harvest is not good. For this, drought is a big reason. Drought is a big challenge faced by farmers so heavy rains is like a blessing. In fact, farmers can also store this rainwater for future use.


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