Rajasthan Sachin Pilot called Karnataka election ‘Killing of Democracy’; Is he really fair?

Rajasthan Sachin Pilot
Rajasthan Sachin Pilot called Karnataka election ‘Killing of Democracy’

Karnataka Assembly elections were turn out to be a huge turmoil as all the big political parties were trying to grab the position of Karnataka’s Chief Minister. Talking about the exit polls, it was clear that BJP would take the reign of Karnataka but it was the alliance of JD(S) and Congress who came in power.  Rajasthan Sachin Pilot

Even after the vote counting the BJP held the highest no. of votes but it didn’t reach the required no. of seats for making the party. While the coalition of JD(S) and Congress exceeded the required limit for making the party in the state.  Know more.

On the basis of having highest no. of seats in the assembly elections, BJP claimed for the state and that was also approved by Governor of Karnataka Vajubhai Vala to make its government and allowed BS Yeddyurappa as chief minister. On this decision, the Congress party and JD(S) led out protest at country level, called for ’Saving the Democracy’. Even, the various state party presidents marched against BJP including Rajasthan’s Pradesh Congress Committee (RPCC) president Sachin Pilot.

Know Sachin Pilot’s comment on BJP

Rajasthan’s Congress president Sachin Pilot claimed that BJP was going against the spirit of the constitution. Even, it had used unfair means to wean away the MLAs from other parties. He even called BJP corrupt party. As Karnataka governor had not submitted the letter of support of MLAs in the court so this showed that Yeddyurappa did not have the numbers to prove his majority.

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Is Sachin Pilot fair? Rajasthan Sachin Pilot

Meanwhile, the Karnataka Assembly issue, Congress party joined hands with the MLA of Zamindara party Sonadevi Bawri. She was MLA from Raisingh Nagar seat.  After her exit from Zamindara party, the party has only MLA in Rajasthan Assembly.  In fact, Sonadevi criticized BJP. After her joining, Sachin Pilot swear-in her and congratulated her. He even called it a great step towards the victory in upcoming state polls 2018.

There were assumptions that BJP would merge Zaminadra party for upcoming elections to strengthen the party but Congress broke the party and merge its one MLA.  It was a big jolt to BJP. Rajasthan Sachin Pilot

It is undoubtedly unfair attitude and act of Sachin Pilot that he merged Zamindara party with itself when BJP was planning to join hands with it. This has put the existence of Zamindara party in doubt as it is left with only one seat in Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha.


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