Is Rajasthan Congress all words and no work? Know here!

Top 5 Politicians of Rajasthan

Sachin Pilot is up awake all night to win elections. Thankfully he knows what it takes to win an election if not the to-dos. The young minister who daringly aspires to be Rajasthan Chief Minister is clearly having his karma hit him hard. The amateur politician is claiming to have contributed a certain figure despite knowing that the BJP has contributed even more vigorously and that too in a shorter period. Poor chap! But not really his fault right? His predecessor Ashok Gehlot also made a fun stock out of him by making the wrong statements at the wrong time.

Stark Contrast between BJP and Congress

Sachin Pilot claimed that Congress had extended an agricultural interest-free loan of Rs 25,000 crore, however, as a matter of fact, BJP has spent over Rs 57000 crore on providing an interest-free agricultural loan. Not only this, Congress had spent his amount in their entire tenure. However, BJP’s figures are attributable to 3-year tenure. By 2018, this loan amount would rise over 75,000 crores. This can be seen as an expected move in the light of CM Raje’s prioritizing concern over farmer’s welfare and well-being.

Earlier, compensation on the death of agricultural workmen was just Rs 1 lac but now the compensation has been increased to Rs 2 lac. Additionally, the bracket of 50,000 allotted for Vyaktigat Durghatna Samajik Suraksha Beema Yojana has been increased to Rs 6 lac rupees. This will be further increased to Rs 10 lacs.

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Congress Claims sound funny & insignificant

Congress offered loans to farmers at a hefty rate of 12%, while BJP is offering the same at 6.7%. This will further plummet to 5.5%, which will prove to be a blessing for the farmers.

Congress loots the treasury for its own personal gains, thereby leaving little room for public welfare in their tenure. BJP, however, is not in the habit of stashing money for personal gains but rather invest them towards the welfare of the state and the country.


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