Police hid Alwar gang rape to politically benefit the rulers?


Today, the people of Rajasthan woke up to a disheartening news headline- “Women gang-raped, husband beaten up by 5 men in Alwar”. They held the husband hostage, bet him and raped a woman for more than two hours on 29 April in Thanagaji town of Alwar district. Here comes the questionable attitude of Police, who had been hiding the case for 10 days until the rape video went viral on social media on Monday, May 6.

As per the complaint registered by the survivor on April 30 in Thanagaji police station, the incident took place on April 26 around 3 pm when she was going to Rajasthan’s Talvriksha from her village Lalwadi accompanied by her husband on a bike.

The complaint mentioned, “The woman’s vehicle was stopped by a group of five men traveling on two motorcycles. The woman’s husband was beaten by two persons while the remaining three gang-raped her.”

“After this, the two men who were beating the woman’s husband also raped her. They also made a video recording of the incident and threatened the victims they would kill them if they complain to the police,” the complaint added.

The complaint further said, “As per the conversation among the accused, the woman heard three names Sachin, Jitu and Ashok. The names of the other two accused is not known to the woman.”

Police’s unconceivable excuses

When the video went viral on social media on May 6, the police was asked about zero action against the culprits, they said- because of elections they had to hide the case as the victim was from Schedule Caste. What does that mean?

According to the victim, police has been evading from the matter for almost a week. The couple is getting threats from rapists, they also extorted money from the couple. The FIR includes names, police has visuals of rapists and yet failed to catch them. Is it a political influence or favoritism?

Rajasthan yet to get responses from the lawmakers and power holders of the state government.

However, citing the pressure, police Lodged the FIR in the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) as well as Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Amendment Act, 2015.


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