MJSA: Rs 10 lakh check is presented to CM Raje for funding phase III of water conservation scheme. Here are the details

    MJSA Rajasthan
    MJSA Rajasthan

    A check of Rs 10 lakhs was presented to the Mukhyamantri Jal Swavlamban Yojana by Mr. Amit Garg, General Manager, Patel Infrastructure. MJSA Rajasthan

    Patel Infrastructure is a Gujarat-based firm, which operates the Dar-Jhalawar-3 Dhar Four Lane Road. The check was presented at the Jhalawar Dak Bangla on Wednesday.

    This amount will be allocated towards fulfilling the amount to the works done in the third phase of Chief Minister MJSA campaign.

    MJSA Rajasthan

    The benison named MJSA MJSA Rajasthan

    The scheme aims to make the state self-sufficient in water by conserving and harvesting rainwater.

    MJSA has helped Rajasthan improve its ranking in the NITI Aayog’s composite water management index — from 13th to 10th.

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    MJSA – Reaching Villages, Touching Lives

    As many as 12,000 villages have been covered under MJSA in its three phases and another 4000 new villages are expected to be added to the list.

    Talking about the stats and figures of the scheme, a total of Rs 35.76 crore was received in the MJSA Phase-I from different donors that include government institutions and departments, corporate, political institutions, individuals and social groups and NGOs.

    A sum of Rs 27,000 came from political institutions or political leaders. In Phase-II, the total donations received were worth Rs 22.65 crore of which Rs 4.72 lakh came from the political institutions.

    Sriram Vedire, the chairperson of the Rajasthan River Basin and Water Resources Planning Authority, lauded MJSA for increasing the water levels in the state. He said, “Our focus is on reviving water bodies, increasing groundwater and providing clean drinking water. This scheme is driving force in improving our standby nine points (in NITI Aayog Index), highest in the country under instrumental change.”

    At the event where was check was presented, a host of attendees were present. Member of Parliament Mr. Dushyant Singh, President of State Disadvantage Prosecuting Committee Mr. Srikrishna Patidar, Parliamentary Secretary Mr. Narendra Nagar, MLA Ramchandra Sonarival, Mr. Kanwarlal Meena, District Head Mrs Tina Kumari Bhil, District Collector Dr. Jitendra Kumar Soni Other public representatives and officials were present.


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