Initiated a monarchy under the guise of democracy, Congress made the Indian republic just old in 69 years

Happy Republic Day

You will be very happy today Our National Celebration which is coming … Republic Day is coming. Many people, however, celebrate this day only as a holiday. Because they have nothing to do with Dharma and they have nothing to do with the government and the leaders. Our country is one of the select countries in the world, where both democratic and republican systems are established. Hindustan is a sovereign, socialist, secular democratic republic with parliamentary system. But the knowledge of the superiority of the constitution of our country will only happen when there is a little study of the system of governance here. Every Indian should know that in the country in which he is using his franchise, there are rights and duties in respect to the governance system and constitution of the country. Only then will we understand who has done the best in the country and who just showed it?

Happy Republic Day

Republic Day When, what and how?

The Constitution of India, adopted by law on January 26, 1950, was adopted by the people. This is our biggest dilemma. We believe that our Constitution was implemented on this day. While the truth is that on January 26, 1950 our constitution was not implemented but it was dedicated to the people of India. Otherwise it was done 2 months ago, on November 26, 1949. That is why every year on 26th November; India is celebrated as Constitution Day. On January 26, only Congress chose to elevate its name because only 20 years ago, on January 26, 1930, the Indian National Congress (INC) had declared India as a full swaraj on its behalf.

It took two years, 11 months and 18 months for our constitution to be formed. One of the 22 committees created for constitution building was one of the most important committees. This format committee itself can “write to the constitution” or say “construct” it. The same was the chairman of the committee, the great sage Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. Who is also called the father of the Indian Constitution. But in different opinions about the Indian Constitution, it is said that … the original constitution that Baba Saheb Ambedkar had created was not implemented by the then bosses. He implemented the same rules and laws for the people, which lessen the public and make them more profitable. Ambedkar Saheb also said that “I had brought a fresh sweet fruit basket to the people of Hindustan, but the Namdhars sucked those fruits and left only the peels and clusters for the people.” Apart from this, the reservation system was brought in the original constitution for only 10 years. But here also the Namdhars took advantage of their name and dragged the reservation system for their political self-interest for 10 years, for 70 years.

Monarchy, Democracy and Republic:

In the monarchy or monarchy, the king of any country is the ruler and governor of the country. Generally the son of a king or a member of the royal family is the next king. This tradition is hereditary. As the Congress continues to do today. Since December 28, 1885, for 134 years, there were many occasions when the command of the Indian National Congress was in the hands of somebody else, or for most of the time only a family special person was the Congress supremo. First Nehru family and later Gandhi family. What is interesting is that the Mahatma Gandhi’s nickname, the Congress Party has been fooling the people of Hindustan for years, the family of such a Mahatma is neither a part of the Congress Party nor the Congress has any good Have done In the name of Gandhiji, only the Congress is running the monarchy.

The public, by the public, the elected government for the public is called democracy. Where the people themselves choose their own representatives and send them to Parliament so that they all together make policies keeping in mind the interests of the public, from which the public is good, the country will advance on the path of development. But in the last 62 years, the representatives whom the people had sent to Parliament to choose from have made less and less policies in their interests and made more policies in their interests. The result of which we are still seeing in the form of increased population, unemployment and poverty in India. It’s a very responsible Congress party. Who just filled their homes for 6 decades?

Now comes the Republic’s To say is Hindustan Democratic Republic. But here the indigenous monarchy is coming from generation to generation. The Constitution is supreme in the Republic, and the public in democracy In the Republic’s law of law is the rule of law, the majority of democracy in the country. Who has the majority of the same ruler that means the Congress had controlled the country in both ways. Since the public had no other alternative than the Congress before, then the people had to choose the Compact Congress. If someone tried to become a non-Congress alternative, he would have been removed from the way. The biggest example of which is the seven non-Congress Prime Ministers of India, who’s Congress did not allow the term to be completed even after losing power, and governments were dropped. In such a scenario, the majority always remained with the Congress. When the majority of the Congress had power, the power was even higher with the Congress. Representatives in the Republic can make amendments in the constitution, and these dignitaries of Congress used to amend the Congress interests only in view of the interests of the people. The Congress has also taken unfair advantage of the majority. Because the rule of majority was changed in the rule of majority. That’s why our Constitutionalists had slaughtered some “democracy”. Not only was the majority of the country, but the Constitution given superiority. The majority in the Republic cannot tamper with fundamental rights of a person, society or minority community on the basis of majority. Due to the majority in democracy, absolutism and omnipotence are omnipotent.

In the majority of the Congress, the Congress often saw autocracy:

Congress is the first and the oldest political party in the country. It was established only for the betterment of the country but after independence the Nehru family had monopolized it. After Nehru, Indira Gandhi took control of the Congress. There was a time in the Indira era when the rule of Hindustan was going to slip through the hands of the Congress that in the matter of power, Indira Gandhi imposed emergency in the country. In the history of Hindustan, the Emergency is said to be such a time when the Gandhi family had imprisoned the people of entire India from their own homes. There is no protection against minority. Due to this apprehension, fundamental rights were defined in our Constitution and democracy started from outside these basic rights.

The people of India could not understand this fact that the Gandhi family always kept them alive on their pieces. After feeding his stomach, it was left to the public as much as he left. Only after seeing that the Hindus of India considered themselves as the king of kings. The Congress has hindered the Republic of India, and in these 69 years our Republic has grown old. In the coming days, the people of the country will understand the importance of our constitution and will send people in democracy by choosing people who will make our Constitution more youth in the future and not the old man. Jai Hind, Jay Bharat, Jay Republic.

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Author : Mahendra


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