India’s first, MJSA proves to be a highly benefitting scheme for Banswara and Bharatpur


The ambitious MJSA scheme led by CM Raje has been the talk of the hour not only in India but also across international boundaries. First of its kind in the country, the MJSA project is driven by strong values and impeccable foundation framework.

Banswara took up the challenge and has proved to be a massive success. The initiative of constructing water structures in a limited period is what is magical about the ripple which MJSA creates.

MJSA assures us that despite odds, the quality is not compromised. The Banswara work could not be completed till the deadline if worked in one shift. Hence, the team worked in two innings to ensure that the work is completed timely. The first innings starts at 7 am to 5 pm and the second shift starts from 5 pm to 10 pm. Due to the work done in these two shifts, the speed of work has increased and a large chunk of water conservation works are in full swing.


According to District Collector Shri Prakash Rajpurohit, innovation has led the way. Newer and innovative ways are being adopted to ensure timely completion of work.

In order to accelerate the ongoing work under Chief Minister’s Water Swavalamban in different Gram Panchayats of Banswara district, JCB machines have been deployed in large numbers.

Bharatpur – Construction of Shisham Wala

Under the Chief Minister’s Water Swavalamban campaign, WS Construction Shisham Wala works are being undertaken in Rupnawas Panchayat Samiti’s village Dumariya, which is situated about 65 km from the district headquarter.


The Raje government has sanctioned an amount of Rs 5 lacs under the work campaign of WHS Construction Shisham in Village Dumariya of Rupnawas Panchayat Samiti.

Due to damage of dam, irrigation and drainage system were largely hit. The villagers were thirsty as they could not find drinking water anywhere. The government took the charge to mitigate their problem and decided to construct WHS.

With the construction of the dam, the water level of the local area will also increase, which will subsequently shoot up due to which the water levels in the local wells and tube wells. After the construction of this dam, local people will get access to water. They may then use it for drinking and irrigation purposes.

Kikka gets personalised coup- says will benefit future generations also

Chief Minister’s vision has proved to be a benison for the villagers. Individual couches have been developed for various districts of water dependent areas.

Wells have been constructed, fields have been irrigated. Consequentially, the irrigation levels have increased impressively in the Banswara area. Production of fruit gardens and moong dal are seen as lucrative deals in the area.


Kikka Damor of Kasarwadi in Sajjangarh region has got a personalized coup of Rs 3 lakh. The recipient has been benefitted under the NREGA scheme. Kikka feels this is nothing short of a dream. He feels the coup can benefit three future generations financially.

The MJSA scheme led by CM Raje has reaped miraculous unbelievableable results. How the scheme has touched the lives of people is a treasure itself.


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