Former CM’s tweets explain- why string of rapes and Rajasthan Government’s silence on it alarming?


    In Alwar, a young woman raped, beaten, videotaped, and blackmailed, did not get police attention for 10 days. A young girl, who was on pilgrimage in Bharthari, kidnapped and gang-raped, police hid the matter for 4 days.

    In Bharatpur, a disabled teen kidnapped from her home and raped by two brothers. In Chittorgarh, a five-year-old raped when her mother sent her to get groceries. A married woman kidnapped, taken to one district to the other and raped for several days. Sadly, we have a long list to mention.

    May 2019 can be called the darkest month in the modern history of Rajasthan after seeing these fatal and heinous crimes against women.

    The first woman Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Vasundhara Raje posted a series of tweets which is seriously alarming-

    The former CM made it clear that these matters shouldn’t be a political tool. Raje pointed out that it has been four months of power shift and the state has become a hub for such heinous crimes. “People of Rajasthan wake up to such headlines every day,” Raje tweeted.

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    Further, BJP stalwart mentioned that the BJP government successfully proposed amendments and the high court had ordered the death penalty in several cases as soon as possible.

    Raje slammed Congress government on their offensive silence on fatal Alwar gang-rape case and police’s slack in the matter amid elections.  “Being a woman, I appeal to the government of Rajasthan that instead of suppressing such crimes, concede the matter and take strict action against the culprits to set an example,” Raje added that the slack of law elevates shady nature in these predators, which is a drawback for social order.


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