Places of Faith : Development of Religious Sites in Rajasthan Raje’s Priority

Rajasthan Government has development of religious sites in Rajasthan on priority.

Faith is a strong emotion, more so in Rajasthan, the land of many faiths and cultures. Seems like the Rajasthan Government has development of religious sites in Rajasthan on priority. Be it Jagdish temple of Udaipur or Ajmer dargah in Ajmer, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and tourists visit the holy place. The holiness of these places command repetitive visit and multiplied footfalls.

To ensure continuous growth of shrine development and upgradation, the Rajasthan government decided to infuse a fresh lease of beauty into development of religious sites in Rajasthan.

More than 117 shrines and temples have been transformed, beautified and revamped with the Rajasthan government’s relentless efforts towards development of religious sites in Rajasthan. Here is a sneak peek into how Rajasthan government succeeded in giving a fillip to Rajasthan’s pilgrim tourism.

The government has spent over 106 crores on beautifying Devsthals, while a total of 357.42 crores have been spent on boosting religious tourism, including PWD, UHD, etc – all for the common purpose of development of religious sites in Rajasthan:

Sri Brahma Temple, Pushkar
  • Ajmer: The Brahma Ji temple at Pushkar recorded a massive footfall in the period 2014-17 after it was renovated. A whopping sum of Rs 24.5 crore (including 1200 lakh for PWD, UDH, etc.) was spent on the process, whereas Pushkar’s Sarovar Parikrama, Bazaar Kshetra received an investment of to the tune of Rs 2122 lakh during the same period. The Savitri Mata Mandir in Ajmer has been tremendously beautified with a calculated expenditure of Rs 4.9 crore.
  • Alwar: The Pandu Pol mandir in Alwar was allocated a sum of Rs 189 lakhs.
  • Kota: Dhadh Devi Mandir’s Devsthal was renovated and beautified using government funds amounting to Rs 18 lakhs.
  • Jaipur: Govind Devji mandir and other places of worship in the vicinity were gifted with a facelift after government allocated a whopping sum of Rs 2758 lakh.
  • Tonk: Shri Diggi Kalyan, Malpura mandir received a spending of Rs 5663 lakhs with an additional expenditure of 500 lakhs on revamping the Devsthal.
  • Chittorgarh: Sanwaliaji temple was renovated using funds amounting to Rs. 1804 lakhs.
  • Jhalawar: Pipaji Dham mandir was allocated a sum of Rs 180 lakhs to transform the face of the temple.
  • DungarpurBeneshwar Dham allocated a sum of Rs 616 crore for renovating the Devsthal.
  • Barmer: Naagnecha Mataji temple was gifted a new lease of life with government budget allocation of over 119 lakhs.
  • Bharatpur: Shri Bihariji Mandir has become a highly beautiful worship place across the lands of Bharatpur and beyond.

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Over 175 Dharamshalas have been upgraded to an unprecedented avatar. Not only this, the government has announced schemes of over Rs 551 crore for beautifying pilgrims, upgrading shrines and development of religious sites in Rajasthan. Over 30 monuments and Chitramala have been built with a government investment of over 100 crores.


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