Is Ashok Gehlot a High Command in reality or is it his self-adopted myth to feel happy?

Congress Ashok Gehlot
Ashok Gehlot

As the elections are nearing, ministers who have been long yearning for limelight come to the fore and speak big statements to make it count! There are many such instances but the recent one is that of former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. Congress Ashok Gehlot

Yesterday, Gehlot took several indirect and direct jibes at CM Raje. In light of the recent notification by the Rajasthan government regarding the 20% hike in cess on liquor towards cow protection, Gehlot’s funny remark was “Sharab ke shokeen ko sharab hi dikhti hai.” (connoisseurs of liquor can’t see beyond it). Congress Ashok Gehlot

It was unfair to use tax collected from liquor for protection and conservation of cows and the tax collected from any other sector could be used for this purpose, he said.

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If you ask why this statement is funny, then here it is: Congress Ashok Gehlot

1. There is no denying that Ashok Gehlot is a big-time drinker. He is usually drunk and journalists have often reported the same. Considering that and going by his statement, we know that he also can’t see beyond liquor. After all, only a dedicated liquor lover will be frowning on the increase in the cess levied on it. What do you think? Congress Ashok Gehlot

2. States have limited sources of tax collection. If the state government takes a decisive step and wants to divert tax from one source to the development of a specific task, what is not right in it? Honestly, it looks like more of a pragmatic decision.

Over and above, this step will also contribute to curbing the consumption of liquor. If seen full perspective, this step is a benison for the state in more ways than one! But as always, Ashok Gehlot fails to see it due to an unwavering love for his bottles, which perhaps help him to purge away the sadness of being isolated from the high command of Congress party. Congress Ashok Gehlot

Talking about High Command, Ashok Gehlot is apparently a self-proclaimed high command of Congress party. He defended Indira Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru against their act of imposing Emergency.

Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had imposed the Emergency to save the country and not her chair or family, he said.

“Gandhi had imposed the Emergency to save the country, and not to save her chair and family. Those leveling allegations should know that members of Gandhi family did not hold any constitutional post for the last 30 years,” he added.

He also took a jibe on the Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be proud that he is sitting on the chair which was once held by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.”

Hitting out at the state government, he said the people of the state will teach the BJP a lesson in the assembly election due later this year. The BJP debacle from the state is imminent, which even PM Modi or BJP chief Amit Shah cannot stop, he said.


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